Maciej Pestka
PHOTO -grapher; -designer; -director

The Life of Psy

A photo book 'The Life of Psy' by Maciej Pestka. Telling the story of a crazy night in Barcelona with Korean k-pop star PSY ... 

The Life of Psy have been shortlisted for Dummy Award 2014 in Kassel

“Representatives of major fashion brands went crazy, girls threw themselves into his arms, and drinks flowed like waterfalls. Everything sprinkled with the sound of Gangnam Style. At 080 Barcelona Fashion 2013, the life of a seemingly unknown Korean born, French raised man changed overnight when he was mistaken for K-pop singer Psy.” Says Maciej Pestka who was there, camera in hand, and captured everything. Now, a year later, he presents a very special book that reveals how The Life of Psy began.

This book, through Pestka’s photographs and fragments of descriptive text, lets you into a world of opulent parties that the average Joe can only dream about. Where 'VIP Only' becomes 'Access All Areas', The Life of Psy brings you deeper into the limitless, indulgent, out-of-control world of celebrity with every turn of the page.

It is beautifully produced. The design and printing is excellent. .... I’m happy to have it in my library and will share with students.
— Alec Soth
...a wonderful concept—great comment on celebrity culture, East-West.
— Eric Miles
The book is humorous, it is intended to behave according to the logic of its absurd subject, which is good as it ties everything together nicely.
— Barry W Hughes
The book is a little bit crazy, which I like.
— Martin Parr


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