Maciej Pestka
PHOTO -grapher; -designer; -director

Poland Inn

The inhabitants refer to this place as their hotel, a home from home for Ukranian immigrants who have travelled to Poland to work and settled here for the time being. Here they sleep, eat and drink (heavily) whenever they are not working.

Each room is converted into self-contained living space with a fridge, tv and several beds. Space is at a premium. In the smaller rooms, you will find two beds; in others, not much bigger, there may be up to five bunk beds tightly compressed.

It turns out it’s not only Ukrainians that have immigrated to Poland. I also met people here from Georgia, Tajikistan, Belarus and even Poland. Most of them are working at the shipyard or in other heavy labour-intensive industries. However, others take any kind of job they can find - in a bakery, shop, fast food outlet etc.

When we Polish went seeking a better life in the UK or Ireland not so long ago, we found it. Have they?